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    Thematic Portfolio draft

    Thematic Portfolio

    A Thematic portfolio involves 30- 40 companies & ETFs chosen with a combination of Human and Artificial intelligence, which are built around certain themes and Sectors.

    Why to put Your Money in Thematic Portfolios

    Intuitive Investing

    Put money into ideas and trends that are already familiar and exciting to you. Having in-depth knowledge or first hand experience in a particular trend can drive your ability to make smart investment choices.

    Expansive Choice

    Listed Stocks on major exchanges and 5000+ mutual funds is available for our investors. If there’s a theme or idea you’re interested in investing in, there’s likely already a thematic portfolio created for it.

    Generate Alpha

    Thematic investing can also provide opportunities for investors to generate alpha. By putting your money in Laverne Portfolios, where a sizeable amount of capital can be distributed, you may be able to generate alpha at scale. 

    Align Your Values

    If you are passionate about helping society, you could choose to invest in Cause driven portfolios that focus on social responsibility, ending poverty, improving education or fighting cancer.

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