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    Investment Philosophy

    Our Investment Philosophy

    The investment philosophy of Investor Desk begins from the perspective which focuses on Model portfolios via the provision of a strategic wealth management plan, coupled with a transparent and flexible investment solution. Investor Desk embraces a holistic view to provide the service. In the absence of a well-considered strategic wealth management plan, we believe there is less capacity to define an appropriate level of portfolio risk. We believe that high transparency and liquidity are important for navigating volatile market conditions.

    • We focus on direct investments including Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and Listed Investment Companies (LICs) for portfolio holdings, coupled with specialist Managed Funds to increase portfolio diversification into asset classes which are more difficult access via direct investments. We try to make blended Portfolio of Active ETF and Passive ETF, and may use Managed Funds as needed.
    • Transparency and liquidity are supported by a primary focus on large market capitalization companies for direct investment holdings. Investor Desk believes in providing a transparent portfolio solution for the investors, as it reinforces investor confidence.
    • Investor Desk believes that both passive and active management have a place in portfolios to deliver a flexible, proactive, value-added approach. This is carried out at both an investment level, but also through dynamic asset allocation within a portfolio. To this end, cash is used as a strategic tool to protect performance within a portfolio and may provide a buffer for opportunities where market conditions demand.
    • Investor Desk has the freedom to draw on research, opinions, and data from a broad array of domestic and global providers. This flexibility and rigor behind the investment approach seeks to enhance the risk adjusted return profile of portfolios.
    • Overarching this approach to portfolio construction is a focus on cost efficiency, the effective use of technology to efficiently manage portfolios, and ongoing communication and education for investors to ensure they remain informed and comfortable that their investments are working for them, as they should be.
    • Investor Desk leverages a vast network of relationships with diverse specialists, to deliver investment services. Our philosophy is a simple one; Investing does not need to be complex and intimidating. We offer an easy-to-use online system for people wanting to access professionally managed diversified portfolios. Our Investment Committee assures thoughtful, attentive and fully considered investment strategies.

    Our investment strategies follow our overarching investment philosophy.

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