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    Large cap funds are those funds which invest a larger proportion of their corpus in companies with large market capitalization. Trustworthy, reputable and strong are three adjectives that are often used to describe a large-cap company. These are the old and well-established players with a track record. Such companies typically have strong corporate-governance practices, and have generated wealth for their investors slowly and steadily over a long term. These corporate houses are usually among the most highly followed and well-researched on the market. Mutual funds that invest a majority of their investible corpus in these companies are labeled as large-cap funds.

    Being seasoned players, the underlying companies in the portfolio of large-cap funds may be considered as relatively steady compounders and regular dividend payers. On the risk-return spectrum, large-cap funds deliver steady returns with relatively lower risk, compared with mid- and small-cap funds. They are ideal for investors with lower risk appetite. So, adopt a long-term perspective, stay patient, and remain invested to reap good returns over the long term.

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